hollywood-voodoo asked:

Sing & X-Ray for Stix, Yack & Fluff for Kankz and Aggzy. I KNOW IT'S A LOT TO ANSWER, BUT I WANT TO KNOW THESE THINGSsss.

Yack: I pretty much answered this already for Kankz a while ago and it hasn’t really changed. Aggzy on the other hand, doesn’t really talk casually about family or business (although she loves her great-great-great-we-don’t-know-how-many-greats-honestly granddaughter Fleli to pieces and spoils her rotten and when it comes to business she’s all about business and nothing else) but Aggzy pretty much complains about stuff a lot like every grandmother I’ve known, likes to gossip like nobody’s business and there’s always room for some really dirty stories and jokes.

Fluff: I’d written something for Kankz but it’s kiiiiiiind of outdated? He’s not so much REAL MEN DON’T CRY but more…he has a really sort of good-humoured disposition and doesn’t get too worked over shit - insults slide off of him like water from a ducks back. He would be however, really embarrassed if he was ever caught being really sappy or god forbid, crying. It’s sweat. From his eyeballs. Clearly.   
He does however, get very touchy in a I-will-break-your-fingers kind of way if anyone touches his gun. Except Taikka. She’s allowed.
Also speaking of the blood elf, he tries to be very casual about it but he’s absolutely, disgustingly smitten. 

With Aggzy, despite her disposition, she cares for absolutely no-one save herself. That is, save Fleli (Who she completely adores. The rest of her offspring might have been hopeless or dead but Fleli is the apple of Aggzy’s eye.
There’s also a Tauren druid that’s older than Aggzy by a good 20 years and she’s basically Aggzy’s best friend and the reason Aggzy became a shaman in the first place (they’ve known each other for a very, very long time) but I haven’t thought of a name for her or what she’s like except that she’s an incredibly gifted mathematician and I figure she looks like a kankrej cow and prefers to lie around on expensive furniture in cat form.

Sing: Stix can sing; it’s completely up for debate if he’s any good at it though. He only really does it if he’s in a good enough mood. Or if he’s really, reeeeally drunk. It’s usually if not always accompanied by ukulele playing which does a fair job of making up for anything else.
He’s usually humming something, softly murmuring the words to some tune under his breath usually while he’s walking around working and were in posession of a ukelele (Dom tried to give him another but Stix would leave it at the Shaman’s place tbh) he’d play it in the quieter moments. I mean, with a lack of ukelele (or other stringed instruments I mean he learned to play a Sitar but ukes are tiny and easy to carry) he’d just go around and annoy people to keep himself entertained.

X-Ray: He’s clearly underfed; he’s nervous about accepting food from others but he’ll gladly steal something to eat from another and a lot of his money from work goes towards buying food but it’s really never enough because he burns through it so quickly, I guess?

With his smoking, he was still very quick and light on his feet but he couldn’t run far for long without going into a coughing fit. He did however, run into Boolu (and I know you know but I’m writing it for property’s sake) during a particularly bad moment of nicotine withdrawal but the monk ‘detoxed’ him and Stix coughed up a lifetime’s worth of tar, like some kind of sha monster, onto Boolu. What a great way to make friends.
That experience really made him very, very aware of how much he actually smoked and since then he’s gone to lengths to try and not cave in a steal someone’s tobacco pouch but he still gets really bad cravings, especially when he’s really stressed?
I mean if someone offered him a smoke he’d have a really hard time saying no.

hollywood-voodoo asked:

Also, Hobby, Pistol and Wardrobe for Aggzy. I wanna know more about her.

Wardrobe: When Aggzy approaches you can hear her coming from a mile off; every bangle, bead, charm or pendant made from wood, metal or some kind of gemstone clatters and jangles with each step until her arrival is a cacophony of brightly coloured (and very valuable) jewelry.

Tanaris weather is hot and dry so Aggzy prefers light linens and silks of various patterns and colours in the form of loose, shapeless robes and drapes of light cloth to be wrapped and belted around the figure.

Hmmm, I mean the way Aggzy dresses (and I really should draw her in her everyday regalia as opposed to a dressing gown) is kind of inspired by my step-grandmother and Iris Apfel. And a dash of Yetta (the grandmother from The Nanny) and Baba Yaga. And then with physical influences from Yubaba (Spirited Away) and Edna Mode (The Incredibles).

Pistol: Aggzy, to pretty much anyone, seems like a sweet, if not cheeky and rambunctious grandmotherly figure which is true to an extent - when it comes down to business she’s a completely serious, no bullshit, shrewd business woman that is more than prepared to rip you into tiny little meaty chunks which will then be used as compost for the garden.
“But!” You cry out, “She’s in her nineties Dazzle!” Oh yeah she definitely is - she wouldn’t be able to beat someone in a feat of strength or physical endurance but age only really means Aggzy has decades of experience under her belt. Which is hidden underneath her saggy, saggy boobs somewhere.

Like, I figure she was ok at manipulating air but not good enough to really rake it in working on Zeppelins but because her proficiency with earth (and the fact she was living in Tanaris) she turned a kind-of hobby of glass blowing into a business which then really took off and hey next thing you know she owns a giant chunk of the glass manufacturing business. But I mention this because she’s come up against a lot of competition and the usual sundry of those who mean to separate and old lady from her wealth and they’ve usually found themselves suffocating, entombed in sand or torn apart by shards of glass (among other things). Body disposal’s pretty easy when you have a large greenhouse and some very hungry worms and beetles in the compost bin.

I also kind of figure she can ‘feel’ where people are through sand and stone (and any houses she owns are always built from stone) so she’s not easy to sneak up on either.
I guesssss I could say that Stix is terrified of her (unsurprising) but Kankz definitely knows not to try and mess with her and is unnerved enough that, if he ever has to go and see her about business he actually wears a shirt. With a collar.

TD;LR: She’s an OP Powerhouse that at the very least, still likes to smack people with a cane if they don’t hurry up with that cosmopolitan I’m not getting any younger young man.

Hobby: I think I already mentioned the glassblowing, but Aggzy also has a large, sprawling greenhouse that’s attached to the back of her place in Tanaris (it’s a bit of a money-sink because water isn’t exactly plentiful in a desert but it’s not like that’s exactly a problem). She also, like a wealthy old russian woman that pretends to be homeless for thrills, has a side business of working as a fence of sorts? It’s basically how she kind of works into this thing with Zeppelin Pirates I have running around in the back of my head somewhere.

Oh yeah, and I guess card games, gambling, heavy drinking and making inappropriate dick jokes are hobbies too. C: